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Monaco Yachting Cluster

“The new [Monaco Yachting Cluster] is one of a range of economic and structural responses to the Monegasque Government’s long-term plan for enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of Monaco as a destination for serious business across a range of industries, including yachting,” Simon Cardiff, Carey Group Marine Services, told Some of the disciplines the yachting industry hopes to influence, Cardiff added, include, “port services, technical yacht services, services for owners and families, legal, finance, tax and banking support, tourism, management, training and education, and many more.”

As well as those quoted above, the Monaco Yachting Cluster’s board of directors comprises: Eric Althaus, director, Althaus Yachting; Eric Blair, general secretary, LYBRA; Gianbattista Borea d’Olmo, managing director, SEPM; Christelle Caverness, head of yacht and private jet financing, Société Générale; Laurent Certaldie, director, Catalano Shipping; Xavier de Sarrau, managing partner, Gordon S. Blair; Theo Hooning, general secretary, SYBAss; Axel Hoppenot, marketing director, SBM; Olivier Lachapelle, managing director, Ascoma Jutheau and Husson; Espen Oeino, director, Espen Oeino International, Laurent Perignon, chief operations officer, Camper and Nicholsons, Esliabeth Ritter-Moati, business development manager, CDE; and Nicola Ruggeri, director, Tethys Monaco SARL.

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